What Type of Tic Disorders Are There?

The most complicated and concerning tic disorder is Tourette’s disorder. This disorder requires the presence of tics for at least 1 year. The tics must be motor and vocal in nature. The tics must be frequent, never stopping for a period of longer than 2 months. They also must be causing a significant impairment. Tourette’s disorder is a combination of multiple tics, AD/HD like symptoms, and obsessive-compulsive difficulties.

Chronic motor tic disorder:

same as Tourette’s except not associated with vocal tics

Chronic vocal tic disorder:

same as Tourette’s except consists only of vocal tics (no motor tics)

Acute tic disorder:

a disorder consisting of tics, lasting a short time and resolves when the causative stress factor is eliminated (lasts less than 3 months).

Tic disorder not otherwise specified:

includes all the other disorders that do not meet the criteria for the above-mentioned disorders.