Social (Pragmatic) Communication Disorder

Children with social dfiulties as well as verbal and on verbal communication problems, who may have previously qualified for the diagnosis of PDD, NOS or Asperger’s disorder, yet do not meet the DSM V criteria for ASD.

  1. Inappropriate verbal and nonverbal communication, manifested by 1-4.
    1. Deficit in social communication
    2. Impairment in adjusting communication to match the context. (speaking the same to adults, children, and class or playground.)
    3. Difficulties following rules of conversation and communication. ( Taking turns, rephrasing when misunderstood, regulating interaction appropriately.)
    4. Difficulty understanding beyond direct meaning of words. (Nonliteral, double or ambiguous meaning, humor, metaphors, idioms, that require interpretation of the communication).
  2. The deficits cause a significant impairment in social relationships, communication, academics or occupation.
  3. Onset in early developmental period. (but may manifest later).
  4. The symptoms are not due to other medical conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder,low IQ, developmental or mental disorders.

Unspecified Communication Disorder

Social or communication disorder causing a significant impairment in function, but criteria for social pragmatic communication disorder are not met.