Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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A Clear Practical Approach for Parents

Dr. Grossmann has provided this ASD section as a clear and practical resource for patients and their families who live with ASD:

Please use the links below to access the various pages of the ASD guide written by Dr. Rami Grossmann.

  1. What Is ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)?
  2. How Is ASD Diagnosed?
  3. The DSM V Criteria for ASD
  4. What Is PDD and Asperger’s Disorder?
  5. How Does a Typical Child With ASD Present?
  6. The ASD Assessment Scale/Screening Questionnaire
  7. Social (Pragmatic) Communication Disorder
  8. Who Should Be Evaluated for ASD?
  9. What Are the Causes of ASD?
  10. Laboratory Testing Guidelines
  11. What Is the Best Treatment for ASD?
  12. Behavioral Modification
  13. Prognosis (Long Term Outcome) of ASD
  14. Differential Diagnosis for ASD
  15. ASD and the Educational (School) System
  16. Associations Related to ASD


If you want to print out the entire Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) section all at once, please use this printer-friendly page containing all text from each page of this ASD section:

Printer-friendly Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) page