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6. The PDD assessment scale/screening questionnaire

The questionnaire available below is an experimental screening tool based on the DSM-IV criteria for autism which states that to be diagnosed as autistic, one must meet the following criteria:

  1. Autistic features as listed on the scale
  2. Features involving all 3 areas of impairments -- social, speech and repetitive stereotype behaviors (except for Asperger's which does not include speech and language delay)
  3. A severe associated impairment
  4. Differentiation into the subgroups of pervasive developmental disorders is made according to the knowledge of the specific DSM-IV criteria.

To take the PDD questionnaire, use the link below and open the separate page for the questionnaire. There are links on the page that define the grading and scoring to help you decide on the correct answers. After answering all questions, you click on "Score" at the end to reveal your score.

Once you have answered all questions and the score appears, you should print the page and bring the results to the physician appointment as one tool for discussing symptoms. The score is NOT indicative of a definitive diagnosis by itself.

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