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16. Associations related to ASD (Links)

  • Autism Society of America
    (800)-3AUTISM, extension 150
    Fax: (301)-657-0869
    The mission of the Autism Society of America is to promote lifelong access and opportunities for persons within the ASD and their families, to be fully included, participating members of their communities through advocacy, public awareness, education, and research related to ASD. Their extensive website provides education for families, information on local groups and resources and much more.
  • Center for the Study of Autism
    The Center provides information about ASD to parents and professionals, and conducts research on the efficacy of various therapeutic interventions. The website covers many topics of interest to parents, educators, and care providers.
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9. What are the causes of ASD?
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11. What is the best treatment for ASD?
12. Behavioral modification
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14. Differential diagnosis for ASD
15. ASD and the educational (school) system
16. Associations related to ASD
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